EZ-7000 Swing Door Controller Overview

The ES500 controller is a versatile, microprocessor controlled swing door operator designed for both low and high energy swing door applications. 
Some of the features the ES500 controller offers are:

  • Three zone opening with independent open, check, and hold values

  • Adjustable open acceleration and deceleration rates

  • Two zone closing with built in close speed adjustment

  • Close speed remains virtually constant until latch check

  • Reliable, micro switch based adjustments for open and latch check zones

  • Dedicated connector for radio receiver

  • Dedicated connector for on/off/hold open switch

  • Dedicated connector for safety devices – includes both standard and stall/seek
     inputs, as well as data output for pattern switching

  • Sync connector for paired operation

  • Auxiliary connector (programmable via software for a variety of functions)

  • Two digit display with three button interface for adjustments

  • Built in strike interface with dedicated relay and connector for lock

  • Selectable Lock Un-jam – applies close power for an adjustable delay to release 
    locks jammed by stack pressure or heavy duty weather stripping

  • Adjustable Torque Limiting – allows faster door operation without compromising safety

  • Adjustable Obstruction Sensing – if obstruction is encountered during door opening, stalls temporarily, 
    then switches to an independently adjustable seek speed to complete cycle

  • Selectable Close Recycle – if obstruction is encountered during door closing, recycles door open, 
    with independently adjustable time delay.

  • Selectable Push To Open – automatically cycles door if a cycle is initiated manually, with independently
     adjustable time delay

  • Power Assist Close – a full featured power assist close is available as an upgrade with a simple 
    microprocessor “chip” change

  • 24VDC accessory output for powering accessories up to 0.5 ampere total load

  • Lightweight, rugged design

  • Built in power supply

  • Non-handed with “FLIP” feature – stock only a single control for either door hand

  • Easy installation and adjustment

The ES500 power requirement is 120 VAC, 60 Hz.  It is intended to work with the industry standard 90 VDC, brush type DC motor, and is protected by a 3.15A 5x20 mm time delay fuse.  The 24VDC accessory output is further protected by its own self-resetting fuse.  

The control is approximately 8” W x 5.5” H x 3” D, including mounting plate and heat sink.

Supplied accessories include an incoming power harness and a three position on/off/hold open rocker 
switch with associated harness.  

Paired operators also include a sync harness for paired operation.  Optional accessories that are available include:

A screw terminal block is used for the actuating inputs.  No harness is required for these connections.  

The ES500 swing door control and associated operator must be installed and adjusted in accordance with all ANSI
safety standards for automatic swing doors.  Furthermore, the completed installation
must be in compliance with all 
applicable standards and codes for low energy swing doors if no safety devices are used on the swing side of the door. 

The ES500 is distributed exclusively by Quad Systems, LLC., Corpus Christi, Texas, USA.

Proudly Built in the United States of America