EZ-7000 Power Consumption


The measured currents and power consumptions for the EZ-7000 operator are as follows:

-Idle, door closed: 0.066 amperes, 8 watts
-Opening, operator only (no door attached), peak measurement: 0.46 amperes, 56 watts
-Holding open: 0.265 amperes, 32 watts

The opening power will be somewhat higher with a door attached to the operator. A conservative estimate would be a factor of roughly two times the given figure (0.82 amperes or 112 watts) for any reasonable door weight (up to 100-125 pounds).

The control has a 3.15 ampere fuse, so in no case will the prolonged current draw be more than this figure, as the fuse would blow.

Another question which seems to be asked frequently regards cost of operation. It is estimated that the cost of operation is well below $0.01 per door cycle.

It was also determined that if the door is held open all day long, 24 hours a day, the total cost per month is $2.84.

The dollar figures given are based on energy cost of $0.12 per kilowatt hour.

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